Drawlloween Days 17 to 20

Drawlloween prompts: Werewolf, Rats, Seance, Serpent.
I almost spend more time thinking about how to incorporate all these things in one small work, than I did actually drawing. ~~  Quite happy with the pentagram serpent!

Sweet Mushrooms

Freehand embroidery. The hoop is 7 cm diameter.
Materials: DMC floss on black linen.
Below is a WIP picture, before changing the second layer of the chocolate mushroom. (See a larger version in the ~~Work in Progress gallery).

Drawlloween Days 1 to 4

This October I will follow the Drawlloween list of Mab Graves on Instagram. However, I will incorporate four prompts in one postcard sized drawing, because I will not be able to make an entire drawing every day. So I’ll update every four days.
October 1 to 4: Witch/Black Cat/Cryptid (I chose Mothman)/Mushrooms.