Rainbow Beetle

One of my longest embroidery projects so far. I worked on and off on this for weeks. I experimented with metallic threads from G├╝termann and Satin threads from DMC, among the usual.


Long time no update. To be quite honest, I didn’t feel like uploading anything. I’ve made several things in the last few months, but basically just for my own pleasure. Anyway, I have a small family of Neocaridina shrimps since about a month and the tiny creatures are so endearing that I wanted to embroider one. So here is a fantasy SKRIIIMP.
Materials: DMC and other thread on lilac fabric.

Room Box

More pictures in the Dollhouse Miniatures gallery~~
Scale 1:10. Made with wood, cardboard, paper, florist tape, paint, various small materials and some Re-ment miniatures.


Finally a new drawing to present. Felt like doing something colorful.~~

Materials: Prismacolor pencils, white gel pen, cardstock.

Bedroom Diorama

My second diorama; this time a bedroom. I planned the colors very differently in my mind, but it came out like this and I’m OK with it. Scale is 1:10. Some of the materials used are: wood panels, balsa wood, cardstock, wool, fabric and some Re-ment miniatures.


There’s a new gallery called Dollhouse Miniatures for my latest hobby: miniature crafting. I’ve finished my first ever diorama this week and am planning on making more, as it was so much fun to do.
More pictures in the mentioned gallery.~~